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Officine Montorfano is able to support the customer providing the reconditioning service for worn rolls and damaged shafts.

The operation includes restoration of the part’s original shape, surfacing and finish, and can be completed by disassembly and reassembly of the series from the cassette carried out by our specialized personnel in just a few days.

The intervention includes the following activities:

• Receive rollers/shafts at our workshop
• Visual and geometrical checks, hardness controls (where necessary non-destructive       checks) and preliminar report issuance
• Part machining at the final diameter agreed with customer
• Chromium plating and/or polishing (according to customer engineering)
• Reintegrate scrapped pieces with new rollers as needed
• Final quality controls
• Issue final test report
• Packaging and shipping



Officine Montorfano have developed and implemented the

ROLL RECONDITIONING PROGRAMM (RRP) methodology that allows to schedule

and manage, in close collaboration with the final customer, the timing of performing refurbishment activities on worn parts

in accordance with planned plant maintenance shutdowns.

Aware of the need of our customers to minimize supply times, we have a stock of materials store and highly efficient machining and heat treatment equipment, to be able to carry out the complete process in total autonomy.



Officine Montorfano have developed, in collaboration with specialized companies

the possibility to provide the Customers with automatic and intelligent tracking (smart)

of the mechanical parts supplied and used in the plant.

Such management system in to equip each item supplied by Officine Montorfano with a  RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) device containing:


  • Manufacturing Information (certificate and test report)

  • Maintenance recommendation

  • Writable by Customer authorized personnel with the most important maintenance Information for planned activities (assembly and dismantling dates, refurbishment dates, quantities of removed material, positioning in the machine, etc.).


The system is not duplicable, guaranteeing the uniqueness of the parameters attributes to the particular mechanical piece (roll or shafts).
All this allows a more efficient and interactive management of Preventive Maintenance and the possibility to have real-time information and support request.

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